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Less Student Stress, More School Success

by Susanna Palomares and Dianne Schilling

Strategies and Activities for Creating Optimal Learning Environments Grades K-12

You will never eliminate stress from your classroom or counseling practice, nor should you.  Stress management doesn’t mean getting rid of all stress.  It means helping kids understand the stress response, identify individual and collective stressors, and learn and practice effective strategies for reducing stress and minimizing its destructive consequences.  That in a nutshell is the purpose of this book.

Less Student Stress, More School Success approaches stress management broadly.  Activities help students to understand the effects of stress on the brain, take steps to de-stress the learning environment, identify sources of stress, practice breathing and relaxation exercises, adopt habits that promote successful learning, understand the effects of nutrition and exercise on stress, and learn to more effectively manage anger and worry.

Every activity in this book provides you with optimum flexibility in its use and complete freedom to adapt the activity to fit your situation and the needs of your students.

  • Published 2010 Innerchoice Publishing
  • ISBN:
  • Size 8 ½ x 11
  • Published 2007 Pro-Ed, Inc.
  • 176 pages
  • Languages Sold:

Searching for Solace

by Ilana Greenstein


Dealing With My Father’s Suicide – 

Searching for Solace: Dealing With My Father’s Suicide is a journal chronicling the year following the death of the author’s father. It deals with her emotional reactions to events happening in her life, and her assessment and understanding of those feelings. Through writing about her thoughts and emotions, she was able to heal from this experience and gain a greater understanding of herself. 

This remarkable book is far more than a journal.  It is a book that can help any adolescent or young adult find a way through his or her own personal tragedy.

Ilana Greenstein recounts her struggle to reconcile this loss, and then goes farther.  Through her journal writings, she helps readers sharpen their understandings of their own losses and with a host of thought-provoking questions helps them move to the greater clarity that leads to healing and the same kind of reconciliation Ilana has experienced.

This is a must for any young person who is dealing with such a loss. 

  • Teens and Young Adults
  • ISBN:  9781564990822
  • Pub Date:  January 2012
  • Paperback
  • 6 x 9
  • 110 Pages
  • Languages Sold:  all languages available

Inside Story

by Susanna Palomares

A Journal of Self-Discovery – Use this totally reproducible, hands-on journal/workbook to enhance self-understanding, clarify values, develop coping skills, foster positive attitudes, and heighten creativity in your students. Thought-provoking questions and pages of striking graphics encourage students to explore their feelings, thoughts, attitudes, values, doubts and dilemmas and to write about them. A great resource for parents, teachers and counselors.


  • Ages: 9-15 
  • ISBN: 1-56499-018-4
  • Pub Date:  1994, Innerchoice Publishing
  • 90 Pages
  • Languages Sold:

Group Activities for Kids Who Hurt

by Sally Jo Blair

This sensitive and insightful resource provides concrete, usable tools to help kids in grades 3 through 8 successfully deal with painful issues.  In a world where increasingly tough problems trigger a vast array of hurt, anger, fear, grief, anxiety, and confusion, children hunger for support and an opportunity for healing.  This book provides specific group experiences that create an environment of safety and trust, and activities that help kids acknowledge and move through their pain.

The book reflects the author’s compassion and belief in the ability of children to heal, drawn from over 30 years experience as an educator/counselor.  A myriad of activities, discussion topics, reproducible experience sheets, and journal pages focus on the common denominator of hurt.  This makes Group Activities for Kids Who Hurt a comprehensive manual for setting up and facilitating groups which provide guidance, peer support and healing insights.  Appropriate for kids suffering the pain of: • Divorce and separation • Loss of a loved one • Relationship struggles • Physical or mental abuse • Drug use in the home • Incarceration of a parent • Loneliness and isolation due to poverty, teasing, rejection or disability

  • Grades 3-8
  • ISBN: 9781564990778
  • Pub Date:  2011 Innerchoice Publishing
  • Paperback
  • 8.5 x 11
  • 104 Pages
  • Languages Sold:  All languages available

Sharing Circles: Guided Discussions for Developing Emotional Intelligence

by Susanna Palomares & David Cowan

Sharing Circles are the EQ super-strategy and this book is chock full of them! In what better way can you develop the emotional intelligence of your students than by participation in relevant discussions about things that are important to them? This powerful and versatile instructional strategy is unusually effective as a tool for developing self-awareness, self-control, the ability to understand and manage feelings, empathy, cooperation, responsibility, communication, strategies for managing conflict and stress, and group interaction skills. A must-have addition to your EQ repertoire.

Includes an introduction to emotional intelligence, over 85 complete Sharing Circle lessons, and a comprehensive guide to leading Sharing Circles.

  • Grades 3-12
  • ISBN: 9781564990617
  • Pub Date:  2011, Innerchoice Publishing
  • Paperback
  • 8.5 x 11
  • 124 Pages
  • Languages Sold:  all languages available

Sharing Circles: Guided Discussions for Developing Character

by Susanna Palomares & David Cowan

What better way to develop character in your students than by involving them in relevant discussions about ethics and moral reasoning? Sharing Circles are the character development super-strategy, and this book is filled with this powerful and versatile tool. Help students learn the value of virtue and how to develop and draw on inner reserves of moral conviction. Inspiring topics cover such areas as:

• empathy • respect • open-mindedness • fairness • generosity • forgiveness • perseverance • responsibility • trustworthiness• honesty • citizenship • positive attitude • courage

Includes: Why to educate for character, over 90 complete Sharing Circle lessons, and a comprehensive guide to leading Sharing Circles.

  • Grades 3-12
  • ISBN: 9781564990624
  • Pub Date:  2011, Innerchoice Publishing
  • Paperback
  • 8.5 x 11
  • 124 Pages
  • Languages Sold:  all languages available

Preparing Teens for the Contemporary Workforce

by Dianne Schilling, Pat Schwallie-Giddis & W. James Giddis

Reproducible Masters For Teaching Life Skills and Career Development

This valuable career resource introduces teens to the skills and attributes needed for success in all aspects of life and work.  Includes engaging, reproducible student pages presented in an easy to read and discuss format.  Focus areas include:

• Finding a Job That’s Right for You • Writing a Winning Resume • Ensuring Successful Interviews • Developing and Maintaining a Positive Attitude • Taking Charge of Your Appearance • Being There: The First Requirement • Becoming a Successful Communicator • Following Directions With Care • Managing Time and Being Productive • Respecting Expertise, Experience and Authority • Proving Your Dependability • Working Cooperatively With Others • Giving Great Customer  Service • Making Effective Decisions • Taking Assignments All the Way • Doing What Needs to Be Done: Initiative • Solving Problems Creatively • Welcoming Criticism and Compliments • Assertively Conveying Personal Needs • Effectively Managing Conflicts • Becoming a Trusted Employee

  • Grades: High School
  • ISBN: 9781564990716
  • Pub Date:  2011, Innerchoice Publishing
  • Paperback
  • 8.5 x 11
  • 140 Pages
  • Languages Sold:  All languages available

Social-Emotional Learning Activities for After-School and Summer Programs

by Susanna Palomares

Use these high-interest activities to help your children learn new and effective skills and behaviors for getting along with others and managing their own emotions. Social and emotional skills are fundamental to success in life, and children should be consistently helped to develop them. This rich and ready resource is packed with everything you need to bring these important skills to life with your group of kids. It’s full of stimulating, enjoyable experiences that you can grasp at a glance and use immediately. Activities help children to:

• work collaboratively with others • learn important aspects of communicating – listening, speaking, writing, and reading • value and respect individual differences • manage difficult emotions • learn refusal and resistance skills • develop a sense of belonging. 


  • ISBN: 9781564990631
  • Pub date:  2011, Innerchoice Publishing
  • 108 Pages
  • 8.5 x 11
  • Languages Sold:  all languages available

Top 10 Topics for School Counselors

by Roxanne Zusmer

Favorite Group Activities for Grades 3-8

Both new and experienced school counselors will find this exceptional handbook to be  a valuable resource that addresses the important and challenging situations they confront everyday.  Top 10 Topics will also prove valuable to counselor educators who train graduate students to do group-work.  It is filled with reproducible activities, in-depth discussion questions, sample dialogue, parental permission letters, and background information. These clearly written activities can be used in large- and small-group settings, and they do not require the purchase of additional materials. You’ll have at your fingertips information and engaging activities on the following topics:  Diversity and tolerance • Transition, mobility, and adjustment to social, economic, and cultural changes • Bully behaviors • Harassment and conflict among students • Divorce • Grief and loss • Self-awareness • Peer relationships and friendship skills • Communication skills • Goal setting and organizational skills

  • Grades 3-8
  • ISBN: 9781564990761
  • Pub Date:  2011, Innerchoice Publishing
  • 8.5 x 11
  • 194 Pages
  • Languages Sold:  all languages available

Brain Friendly Guidance Activities To Build Emotional Intelligence

by Connie Messina

Filled with easy, enjoyable and effective lessons, this book teaches self-awareness, communication, and decision-making/problem-solving skills that work. Successful presenters know that they need to quickly capture and hold the attention of audiences through joyful, active learning. These activities are guaranteed to do just that! The author shares her favorite lessons from award-winning work in K-12, and her experience teaching college students and other adult audiences. Guaranteed to touch your heart and enhance your wisdom!



  • ISBN: 1-931061-23-8
  • Pub date: 2003, Jalmar Press
  • 122 Pages
  • Languages Sold:  All languages available

What Do I Like To Do?

by Janet E. Wall

101 Activities to Identify Interests and Plan Careers. Assists professionals in the measurement of a student’s interests. Short checklists and hands-on, practical, fun activities help students understand themselves, and begin to plan for the achievement of educational and career goals. Specific instructions for using the activities to teach measurable outcomes are included.





  • Ages 13-18
  • ISBN: 1-4164-0049-4
  • Pub Date: 2005, Pro-Ed, Inc.
  • 200 Pages
  • Languages Sold: English

Tough Stuff Middle/High School: Immediate Guidance for Troubled Kids

by Jan Stewart

A unique collection of hands on student guided journal-workbooks designed to help students deal with real life problems. Using such techniques as interviewing, reflecting, self-monitoring, poetry-writing, self-analysis, imagining, recording, surveying, journal writing, and self-relaxation, students learn how to examine their thoughts, feelings and behaviors using a fun, non-confrontational and motivating approach.

  • Ages 13-18
  • ISBN: 1-880396-68-8
  • Pub Date: 2000, Jalmar Press
  • 258 Pages
  • Languages Sold: English